High School Women's Rowing Club (Grades 9-12)

About Traverse City Triton's Women's Rowing

Traverse City Tritons Rowing, in partnership with TCAPS Learning, Enrichment & Athletic Program (LEAP) is proud to offer high school competitive rowing to all high school boys & girls, grades 9-12 in Traverse City on Boardman Lake.

Rowing is a sport unlike most others and is often described as a symphony of motion. Getting eight people to pull together to accomplish one goal can often be a challenge, but it is a challenge we work to overcome every day. The level of teamwork, trust and discipline learned from rowing is unmatched by any other sport. Each member must be willing to commit to the team goals and they have to find the determination to push themselves harder and farther than they thought possible in order to achieve them. 

As a team, we pride ourselves on being a respectful and inspiring team both on and off the water. We believe in holding ourselves accountable for our actions and how they affect the team as a whole, rather than us as individuals. We are committed to supporting each other, showing good sportsmanship and pushing our limits in everything we do. We choose to passionately work toward excellence in our sport every day. 

Practices will help rowers build the strength, endurance, technique and teamwork necessary to having a unified team. Working as a team is the most critical ingredient to success in rowing. Every stroke of every oar in the boat has to be perfectly in sync for the boat to move with speed and direction, and every rower has to trust that the person ahead and behind them are working as hard as they are. 

Registration is open until Sunday, April 15th, 2018, but space is limited.  

Commitment to the Team

Competitive rowing requires a very large commitment from the student-athletes and the parents. Rowers are expected to attend all practices and are required to attend all regattas. Unlike most sports, a single participant missing practice will greatly affect the feel of the boat, the rate of learning and improvement for our rowers and the overall speed of the team.

Please check our season schedule and make sure you will be able to commit to the team before registering.

Fundraising for Travel

Rowing is largely a traveling sport. Our main regattas are in Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Detroit,

Ann Arbor and Toledo. We participate in a few fundraising events each season and place funds

raised by each rower in their travel account, up to the estimated seasonal travel cost, to help

minimize these costs for our families. Those who choose to participate are typically able to cover

100% of the travel expense through fundraising – reducing the total cost of rowing. Any

additional funds raised are used for capital expenses such as purchasing new boats.

Code of Conduct & Rower’s Handbook

Both athletes and parents are required to read and sign the Rower’s Handbook and Code of

Conduct at the orientation meeting. These documents define the standard of behavior expected

of everyone on the team.

Scholarship Potential

The Traverse City Triton’s rowing program has seen a number of its athletes accept college scholarships, often having multiple schools to consider. The number of partial and full ride scholarships available for students interested in attending a NCAA Division I or Division II school is staggering. We believe that the team-oriented mindset, confidence and strong work ethic we promote within our team can help drastically boost opportunities to receive a top tier college education in a much more affordable way.

Season Schedule

April 16th, 2018 – May 26th, 2018.

***Those who register early can begin training and conditioning as early as Tuesday, April 3rd

Practice Schedule

Monday – Thursday evenings from 5:00p until 7:30pm

Saturday mornings from 8:00a until 10:00am

Carpooling is organized by our parents and is highly encouraged.

Participation Fee

Spring: $495

  • This includes the 10% fee per rower paid to TCAPS, coaching five days a week, safety equipment and use of team shells and land-based training equipment.
  • Rowing is a school-sanctioned sport but does not receive financial support from the district. As a result, our sport is funded through participation fees and fundraising.
  • The participation fee does not include a US Rowing membership, a team uniform or travel expenses. An estimated cost worksheet can be found here.

For more information, check out the TC Tritons team website!

9-12 RowingSpring Closed

  LEAP Office


  Apr 1 & May 21
  12:00 - 12:01 am
9th - 12th

Price: $ 495 00

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