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Elementary Basketball is open to boys and girls in 2nd - 5th grade. Girls basketball is during the Fall, boys 4th-5th begin in the Winter, and boys 2nd-3rd meet in the Spring. Teams will be formed at each elementary school that have enough participants registered to field a team and where a volunteer coach is available. In the event of low enrollment or lack of a volunteer coach, schools may be combined and/or refunds may be given. In this event, you would be contacted by the LEAP Office.

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  • Girls Basketball (Grades 4-5)

    About 4th & 5th Grade Girls Basketball Elementary Girls Basketball is open to girls in 4th-5th grade. The season begins the week of October 26th and will run for approximately seven weeks. Teams will practice 2-3 days a week and will begin competitions after the second week of practices. Teams will be formed at each elementary school that have enough participants registered to field a team and where a volunteer coach is available. Schools that have a high enough enrollment will have separate 4th and 5th grade teams, while schools with lower enrollment will have combined teams. In the event of low enrollment or lack of a volunteer coach, schools may be combined and/or refunds may be given. You will be contacted by the LEAP Office in the event of low enrollment for your school. 2020 Elementary Girls Basketball Update: COVID Safe Return to Play Guidelines TBD for this offering. Check back often as information may change periodically. The season will tentatively run 10/26/20 - 12/17/20. As of 10/5/20 Face Coverings: Based on the Emergency Order, there will be no change to the face covering requirements as outlined in previous guidance. Face coverings continue to be required of athletes in basketball. The face covering requirement for everyone present including coaches, trainers, game administration and spectators also remains in effect. Remember that social distancing should be followed at all times for everyone except athletes and officials involved in active participation during the contest. Elementary Girls Basketball will follow safe return to play guidelines.- All guidelines have not yet been released. DUE TO COVID-19: Additional additional safety & sanitation measures will be in place. Students will be working in pods of athletes each day & proper social distancing measures will be enforced. Season Start & End Dates Monday, October 26th, 2020 - Thursday, December 17th, 2020. Practice Schedule Elementary 4th - 5th Grade Girls Basketball practices will begin in late October. Practices will run 1-3 days per week after school at each home school that fields enough players for a team. Exact practice days and times will be determined by the availability of the volunteer coach and will not be known until a coach is in place. Schedules vary from school to school. Following the close of registration, your student’s coach will contact you regarding a more detailed schedule. Game Schedule Games will begin in November Each team will have an 8 game season. Once the number of teams have been determined at each school, the schedule of games will be posted here. Both the Central and West Leagues will compete on Tuesdays and Thursdays (except Thursday, November 26th, 2020 - Thanksgiving Day) Helpful Information Bring a water bottle to practices and games. Teams will consist of 7-12 players. 4th Grade Teams will play 4 v 4 4th/5th combined teams and 5th grade teams will play 5 v 5 In the event school is closed, no LEAP activities will be held per TCAPS policy. There is no guarantee of a make-up date in the case of inclement weather. Missed games will only be made up if schedules allow. Participation Fee $65.00 Reduced fees are available to those who qualify for the free and reduced meals program. Participation fees for those that qualify are as follows: Reduced Meals Participation Fee: $32.50 if registered by the deadline. Free Meals Participation Fee: $16.25 if registered by the deadline. Milk Crate Basketball Assistance Need an “Assist” this season? LEAP is proud to partner with Milk Crate Basketball, a local nonprofit organization assisting KIDS IN NEED with resources to play and enjoy the game of basketball. Through donations and merchandise sales, Milk Crate Basketball provides kids with a wide range of items needed in order to play and enjoy basketball — shoes, basketballs, hoops, athletic wear, registration fees, etc. [Download the Assist Application for this season.] Want to learn more about Milk Crate Basketball? For more information: Registration Deadline & Details Deadline: Friday, October 16th, 2020. Registration deadlines are final. Late registrations may not be accepted after the posted registration close date. Register for your school below. If your child does not attend a TCAPS school, select the "Out of District" option. In an effort to be a good community partner, LEAP will accept non-TCAPS students when possible. Space is limited and enrollment may be capped for various offerings. For high demand activities TCAPS students will receive priority. Payment is required at the time of registration. To register online using a Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or ACH (via a checking or savings account) please register below. Payment with cash or check can be made at the LEAP office located at Central High School, 1150 Milliken, Traverse City. Please use the 1st (smaller) auditorium entrance - we are located just inside the doors to the right. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. Please call the LEAP office at 231.933.6570 for more information. NOTE: Registration is not complete until your course appears in your dashboard. You will also receive an email from Eleyo confirming your registration. If you do not receive the confirmation email or see the course in your dashboard, be sure you have not left any course items in your shopping basket. If you need assistance please call the LEAP office (231.933.6570). If you did not receive an email from Eleyo or see your course in your dashboard, the payment did not process and the student is not registered.