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Choice Hoops Academy provides additional opportunities for elementary and middle school girls to find success with basketball. The Academy meets on Sundays for 5 weeks at East Middle School. Click the courses to find out more information and/or register for the offering.

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  • Choice Hoops Academy (Grades 4 - 12)

    About the Choice Hoops Academy:The Choice Hoops Academy now provides local opportunities throughout the Summer and early Fall to help girls achieve results by building character through the great game of basketball. Not only will they be able to develop their basketball skills through training workouts, but they will also discover how character traits lead to processes which will lead to positive results in life on and off the court. The foundation of the academy is Success is a Choice!IMPORTANT: It's important to know that involvement in this academy is not mandatory nor is it part of a selection to any school team. To participate in Choice Hoops programs, an annual membership is required.Programs Offered:1-on-1 Workouts: A great tool for individual attention. You can choose what skills you want to work on...shooting, ball handling, passing, defense, offense, strength and conditioning, jumping, etc. This can be scheduled as a 1-time session or multiple sessions. This offering is tailored for you and your goals. 4-person workouts: A great tool for individual attention in a 4-person, small group setting. Typically, these are scheduled as 3-week sessions focusing on shooting, ball handling, passing, defense and offense concepts. Whether you are preparing for 3-on-3 tournaments or you just want the individual attention with friends, this is a great option. Each participant will register separately, the price listed is for 1 participant who will make up a 4 person workout group. Group Training: A pre-determined weekly 2 hour training sessions for larger groups. Stations will be set up focusing on shooting, ball handling, passing, defense, offense, strength and conditioning, jumping, etc. There is no pre-registration required. Ultimately, you can show up when it's convenient throughout the summer. For more information visit the Choice Hoops Academy website! *Please note: this camp is open to any interested parties, however, MHSAA transfer and link ruleswill apply to any students interested in transferring to Central High School.* Payment is required at the time of registration. To register online using a Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or ACH (via a checking or savings account) please register below. Payment with cash or check can be made at the LEAP office located at Central High School, 1150 Milliken, Traverse City. Please use the 1st (smaller) auditorium entrance - we are located just inside the doors to the right. Summer Office Hours are Mondays & Thursdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. School Year Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. Please call the LEAP office at 231.933.6570 for more information.NOTE: Registration is not complete until your course appears in your dashboard. You will also receive an email from Eleyo confirming your registration. If you do not receive the confirmation email or see the course in your dashboard, be sure you have not left any course items in your shopping basket. If you need assistance please call the LEAP office (231.933.6570). If you did not receive an email from Eleyo or see your course in your dashboard, the payment did not process and the student is not registered.